Potentially the largest range of slimline electric convector panel heaters and radiators. Quality tested to comply with all Eu safety regulations. Simple to use, Eco friendly and efficient.  Selection of styles in convector panel and oil filled radiators.

Range of electric efficient electric heaters which comply with the 2018 EED LOT 20 regulations. Packed with modern features such as 24 hour weekly programs, which allows you to only use the electric heaters for the times when they are needed. Open window detection, which notices when there is a window open and temporarily turns the heaters off so that you aren’t heating mother nature. As well as adaptive start, which learns and anticipates the best time to start heating. So that the room is warm by the start of the time where it is programmed to come on for.

 Browse through our selection of WIFI electric panel heaters and radiators. Which enable you to have full control over your electric heater, from wherever you may be. Both Tesy and ADAX WI-Fi heaters are controlled via innovative Mobile and tablet apps. Brake down your home into zones so that you can independently monitor the areas in your: home, cottage, office or caravan. Smart home automation has never been easier.